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Where is the Brisbane studio located?
We are located within the Maia Mother Collective in Ascot, Brisbane. It's located in a residential area so there is plenty of free street parking available around the studio. 

89 Beatrice Terrace, Ascot, Brisbane, QLD 4007

Do you have any other locations?
If the booking calendar is full, please contact us directly and depending on if the location/schedule allows it we can come out to your home, a small call out fee might be applied. We also regularly do pop-ups in Melbourne and Sydney, and we are happy to travel if there is demand somewhere else.

When do I plan in the photoshoot?
We work by appointment only. It's best to plan the photoshoot in between approx.  32 - 36 weeks pregnancy (you can see us sooner or later). Don't leave it too late because you'll have a chance of missing out, especially being pregnant with multiples. 

How do I book a photoshoot with you?
Please see our booking system on the website or click BOOKING here. If there are no spots available or if you have found us at the last minute, please contact us directly on and we will see if we can book you in as soon as possible.

What happens during the photoshoot?
The appointment will take approximately one hour. During the session we advise you on the different materials and on the pose which fits you best. The photography itself takes approximately 2-3 minutes.

Do I have to pose naked?
For a real reflection (capturing all detail) it's best to pose naked, however understanding this is not for everyone, you may wear a seamless light-coloured g-string which will be smoothed out later in the production process.

Do I need to bring something with me to the session?
Bringing a robe is handy and it's best to take jewellery off and tie your hair up in a bun to ensure your neckline is visible.

Do I have to make a decision regarding the material and the size of the sculpture straight away?
No, you may decide at or after the photoshoot when you have seen the different examples. We will need to hear back from you within 48 hours. We would love to advise you on this.

Is photography harmful to me or my baby?
Our camera is not different to a normal photo camera and is not harmful to you or your baby. 

When is my sculpture finished?
You will receive your artwork approximately 12 weeks later (from payment), when you have chosen the casted 100% bronze sculpture it takes a bit longer (approx. 16-20wks).

Do you deliver my sculpture, or do I have to pick it up myself?
We will deliver the package by registered mail to your home address, or you can pick it up.

Can you photoshop my imperfections?
We can do a little touch up here and there.

Do I have to shave my body hair before the session?
That's completely up to you! Your body, your sculpture, your choice! Hair is likely being picked up by the scanner, so if you don't want it to be visible its best to shave. 

How do I pay for it?
A deposit of $100 for securing the photoshoot is required at booking through our online booking system, which is fully deducted from the total.  After your photography appointment when you have decided which size and material you would like, we will send out an invoice that will need to be paid in full before we proceed with the development of your custom sculpture. With the Bronze casted options there is a 50% upfront pay required for your custom order, the remaining 50% will be due when it's finished after approx. 16-20 weeks.

Can I bring someone along to the appointment?

Yes, absolutely that is not a problem at all. Kids are ok to bring along, as long as they can sit on the couch. We do have a waiting room in the Maia Mothers clinic as well.

How do I purchase a voucher to gift someone?

Please contact us directly via, we can put it in the name of the receiver and post it to you or you'll be able to pick it up.

How do I clean the sculptures?

Classic Sculptures: Avoid exposing them to direct sunlight and refrain from placing them in damp areas of your home. These sculptures are coated with a protective clear coat. Refrain from using abrasive cleaning agents. Instead, gently dust them or, if needed, rinse the upper portion under cold running tap water. Be cautious not to wet the bottom, and ensure the sculpture is thoroughly dried afterward. Keep it away from little hands, as this type of sculpture is fragile. 

100% bronze casted sculptures: Bronze is very durable and will last for centuries, it must be acknowledged that there may be some wearing of the patina over a long period of time. Especially if you handle it. So try to keep handling to a minimum. Clean your sculpture using cold water or wet cloth. Remember, do not use cleaning chemicals on your sculpture. Because the bronze is coloured chemically (and using heat), cleaning chemicals on your sculpture will change the colour. Dry the sculpture with a non-fluffy cotton towel to prevent streaks. 

Do I get the booking deposit refunded when sick/baby decides to come early etc?

We have a 24 hour cancellation policy for Brisbane appointments, it's a 48 hour cancellation policy for the Sydney/Melbourne pop-ups. So you will get a full refund if you cancel before that timeframe. 



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